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Last week, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Sergey Levin conducted a working meeting with his respective colleague of the Philippines, Dennis Guerrero, to discuss the establishment and the possibility of increasing Russian-Phillipino cooperation in the agricultural industry. In part, the discussions touched on the development of trade, providing access to agricultural products to both markets as well as a technological partnership in the field of pest control.

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture (Minselkhoz) announced that it is prepared to provide subsidies to regions in order to help finance the modernization of complexes devoted to the production of agricultural products as well as locating equipment to improve the industry operations. The total amount of subsidies to amount to 8,954.57 million rubles (approximately US $13.3 million).

Brazil increased its exports of processed fruits and vegetables from January to June to US $35.13 million, an on-year increase in revenue of 36 percent. 

The Montenegrin government expressed in a report its regret over Russia's decision to place the country on the sanctioned list of countries, from which agricultural products are banned from entering the Russian market.

Kremin representatives hinted that Georgia and Ukraine, both of which had supported the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union (EU), could potentially introduce restrictive measures against these countries regarding the shipment of agricultural products.

Press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the decree to liquidate European products that have made their way into Russia despite the active food embargo.

According to specialists of the Yegor Gaidar Institute of Economic Policy, Russian farmers will be collecting a smaller harvest of various agricultural products this year due to several key factors.

Russian political analyst Pavel Danilin questioned the claims of State Duma deputy Andrey Krutov in his request to the Russian president, asking that the product ban, in relation to Greece, be canceled.

The Demi region near Ufa is to be the site of a storage and distribution center for agricultural products of both local and foreign origin. The complex will house goods that are not typically grown in Russia, including products that originate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) member countries.

Azerbaijan's Minister Of Agriculture plans to create national agricultural centers in Russia's largest cities, according the a page on the web site called Trend.

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