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The group of companies "Gavrish" (Moscow) is planning to invest about 200 million rubles to build greenhouses to produce vegetable seeds in the Krymsk region of Krasnodar.

Developing the agricultural industry in Russia has gained attention and investments following the embargo.

Head of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev, relaying information of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inform on the development of agriculture and market regulations of agricultural products, raw materials and food between 2013 - 2020, for the next five years are going to set aside 1.5 thousand hectares of new greenhouses in the next five years to increase the yield of tomatoes and cucumbers by 850 thousand tonnes, with an additional 65 thousand hectares of apple orchards and 50 thousand hectares of new vineyards, each of which would yield an additional 1.3 million tonnes and 200 thousand tonnes of products, respectfully, over the course of 10 years.

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture (Minselkhoz) released the results of potato and vegetable production of agricultural enterprises and farmers in 2015. On Minselkhoz' website, there are statistics from December 11, 2015, and from January 15, 2016.

The owner of the largest greenhouse facilities in Russia's Central Federal District and General Director of AgroInvest Alexey Soshnikov was reported in saying that Russia could rapidly improve tomato production to the point that 100 percent of consumer demands would be met by domestic growers. AgroInvest's greenhouse facility also specializes in growing cucumbers.

Seeking to take advantage of the opportunities - deficits of particular agricultural products - brought about by the Russian food embargo, Azerbaijan's agricultural producers are targeting the greenhouse industry and attracting funds to build new greenhouse complexes in an attempt to reach the prospects located in the Russian market.

The DISCOVERY Research Group recently published that Russia had 2,9 thousand hectares of greenhouse facilities by the end of 2014, an increase of 34 percent on the year, and from this area agriculturalists harvested 690,8 thousand tonnes of greenhouse vegetables.

The head of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev during a working trip the Belgorod Oblast announced an initiative to expand efforts to export food products from Russia, including adding focus to to greenhouse production and horticulture.

Looking back on the week, there were efforts to continue establishing a trade network with Lebanon and production increases in some of Russia's regions.

Greenhouses crop up in the Krasnodar and Lipetsk, while the exclave of Kaliningrad looks to export its surplus of goods to the rest of Russia.

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