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The volume of Uzbek agricultural imports since the start of the year have increased by 10% with citrus fruit having increased by a factor of 54, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The center for entrepreneurial support and farmers of Uzbekistan and the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility held a roundtable "The Pistachio - Prospects for Development in Uzbekistan" during which researchers, breeders and farmers shared their experiences of creating pistachio plantations as well as the prospects of their development in the foothills of the republic.

UzAgroImport has started exporting fruit and vegetable produce to Russia by air. In a Boeing 767-300F of Uzbek Airlines, 47.3 tonnes of vegetables on 13 pallets and 8 half pallets, and fruit arrived in Russia's Voronezh airport where the produce will be placed in refrigerated vans and taken to a temporary warehouse. From there, the goods will be distributed to outlets.

The recently registered UzAgroImport is a company intent on increasing the volume of Uzbek agricultural products on the Russian market.

Russia and Uzbekistan's trade relationship has been characterized by negative dynamics, which are aided by unfavorable economic environment. According to Vladimir Tyurdenova, Russia's ambassador to Uzbekistan, bilateral trade turnover January to September experienced a 29.2 percent drop to US $2.14 billion.

Last year, Russia became a main supplier to the Uzbek market by occupying a share of 23.8 percent of its import market. The monetary value of the trade turnover between the two countries was $3.96 billion, a 2.6 percent drop on the year from a monetary value of $4.6 billion.

The cost of fruit and vegetable products on store shelves in Novosibirsk has increased on average by 18.5 percent. Andrew Hardin, general director of the greenhouse complex Novosibirsky, said that it is due to the lack of a market for local agricultural products, which have almost completely been replaced by imported products.

The Uzbek company Fergana Fruit Invest plans to launch a trade house in the Russia's Perm region. The company has already registered its daughter company, which is jointly owned by local Russian entrepreneur Sergey Zagrebin.

The head of Siberia's Department for State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Golovin, said during a press conference at GTRK Novosibirsk's studio that there was a significant decrease - 35 percent on the year - in vegetable and fruit supplies from Kazakhstan to the Russian region during the first quarter of 2015.

UZTADBIRKOREKEXPORT, one of Uzbekistan's largest domestic trade companies, operating in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, intends to increase shipments of food products to the Russian Oblast of Orenburg.

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