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Belgorod Oblast Opens Large-Scale Production Of Walnuts, Hazelnuts

04 June 2015

The new horticultural project is a part of an emerging cooperative in the agricultural sector in the Valuysky Region of the Belgorod Oblast.

“Mainly for our region is the import substitution of fruit and berry products, namely apples and nuts. Large projects are already being implemented in the region to grow them,” Alexey Dybov, the head of the district administration, said.

Talks are ongoing regarding a 52-hectare walnut plantation and another 50 hectares for hazelnut production.

“It's encouraging that the plants successfully survived the winter and are actively developing. In the fall period, expansion to the space for nuts to up to 80 hectares,” Dybov added.

In addition to the cultivation of nuts, development will also be directed toward fruit orchards. Last fall in the Belgorod Oblast, 27 hectares of apple orchard were seeded, and there are plants to plant another 59 hectares.

According to the official, the development of production, in addition to the positive aspects, had revealed existing problems in the storage infrastructure and the distribution of fruit and nuts. In order to work toward solving these issues, Belgorod enterprises have formed an industry cooperative under the name Cossack Mir (Cossack World).

In the future, through cooperative sales 100 tonnes of walnuts and 89 tonnes of hazelnuts will be sold annually, as well as about 600 tonnes of apples. The budget for this project is 159 million rubles with a planned annual revenue of 53 million rubles by 2020.

“The cooperative Cossack Mir not only gave a new impulse to the development of agricultural production, but breathed life into small settlements of the Rozhdestvensky rural district,” Dybov said.

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