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Dagestan, Azerbaijan Look To Overcome Logistical Roadblock - Trucks In Russia Moving At 'Snail"s Pace To Protest Tariff Featured

30 November 2015

As of Saturday (Nov 27) about 150 trucks carrying agricultural products were stopped at the Russian-Azerbaijan border. The logistical issues were the result of strikes initiated by truck drivers frustrated over the newly introduced transport tariffs applied to large vehicles in Russia.

Such strikes have caused back ups and traffic jams for the last two weeks across Russia.

Without waiting for the result of negotiations between representative of NP Gruzavtotrans Vladimir Matyagin and Russia's Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodop), truck drivers in protest of the tariff “Platon” (effective November 15,2015) taxing vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes initiated a plan of their own called project “Snail”.

Drivers have been recorded commuting at a speed of 10 km/hour (about 6.2mi/hour) along Moscow Highway, Sofiyskiy Street and in the city of Saint Petersburg. As might be expected, large trucks inching along at these speeds have caused congestion and have paralyzed movement along highways.

“The problem of growing tariffs for auto transport resulted in a price jump on fruits and vegetables because the same supply quality of this group is only by vehicle. The expected jump (in cost) is between 3-8percent,” the Director of Commerce for TX Sibirskiy Gigant Olga Zanina said.

Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Hamidov met with participants of the strike on November 25 at which time he confirmed the number of trucks lined up at the border of Russia and Azerbaijan.

He said: “State Duma Deputy Mamed Abasov flew from Moscow just to meet with you (the protesters). From the first days of the strike, my deputy, Magomed Isayev, was right beside you. On our side, we are ready to discuss your problems, but I ask that you not demand the impossible.”

While speaking to the group, he added that damaging the product will not only lead to a loss of suppliers, but also a growth in prices to consumers.

The strikes began November 2 and about 5,000 trucks have participated, according to participant estimates. Representatives of Rosavtodop tried to appeal to the protestors, but they refused and demanded that transport fees on federal highways be removed.

Highway tariffs are scheduled to amount to 1.53 rubles by February 29 and 3.06 rubles by March 1.

Internet resources are dispersed a new rumor about the interests of foreign intelligence services in such large-scale protests. The drivers have not made such claims, but they said that there are reports about closing the Moscow Ring Road on November 30 and the blockage of importation of products destined for Moscow as just a blatant provocation.

The trucker-initiated protest “Snail” was intended to force Rosavtodor to cancel the newly introduced fares. Additionally, drivers said they were irritated by the fact that the road fare system “Plato” is owned by the son of billionaire Akrady Rotenberg, who is working with the Russian State corporation Rostec.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, there have been some reports about retailers failing to receive their shipments, but they are not widespread.

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