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Domestic Tomato Production Could Sustain 100% Of Russia's Demand In 5 Years Featured

10 December 2015

The owner of the largest greenhouse facilities in Russia's Central Federal District and General Director of AgroInvest Alexey Soshnikov was reported in saying that Russia could rapidly improve tomato production to the point that 100 percent of consumer demands would be met by domestic growers. AgroInvest's greenhouse facility also specializes in growing cucumbers.

In order to reach this mile marker in five years, Russia needs new technological solutions, Soshnikov said. Once they have the right tools, producers will learn quickly, he continued.

“Taking into consideration that 49 enterprises in Russia, like us, are start-ups in this region and, it goes without saying, competition will make every one learn quickly. In order to work in the future, regardless of these technologies, is to place our systems like that,” the head of AgroInvest said.

In his opinion, domestic tomatoes set themselves apart from imported tomatoes because of their great quality. Dutch specialists, who had visited AgroInvest's greenhouses, said that the company's plant breeding procedures and plant varieties are expected to result in promising yields.

Before December 1, one of Russia's most prominent tomato suppliers was Turkey. From January to September, Turkey had exported several million dollars worth of tomatoes to the Russian market. Now tomatoes from Turkey are one of the products included in the list of prohibited agricultural products.

Russian media have started publishing reports of rising tomato prices.

The general director of GK Real Alexander Myshinsky said that Kuban manufacturers have already increased purchasing prices on tomatoes by 20 percent. In late November, the cost for one kilogram of tomatoes was 55 rubles. By November 27 prices had increased to 75 rubles per kilogram, and by December 1 a kilogram it had risen to 135 rubles.

Earlier this month, the owner of the chain restaurant Ukrop anticipated that tomato prices may even reach as much as 200 rubles per kilogram.

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