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UNDP Recommends Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan To Engage In Joint Project To Supply Fruit, Other Products

08 April 2014

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of opportunity to produce fruit products in the territory of Uzbekistan, said Joern Rieken, trade policy specialist and Aide for Trade Team leader at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Center, during UNDP's Trade and Human Development in Central Asia presentation.

Kyrgyz farmers could be able to create efficient production projects in Uzbekistan because the country has a corresponding enterprise, Rieken said adding that frozen and canned fruits could also be implemented.

“The UNDP’s Aid for Trade project is working closely with national and regional stakeholders to find ways to lower these costs, and to build this capacity,” said Rieken.

Ben Slay, UNDP's Regional Poverty Practice Leader, at the UNDP presentation of recommendation said that in regards to the issues of border management, the introduction of new technologies in cross-border trade are important for the landlocked country.

On the part of the government, there are possibilities that could reduce costs, Slay said.

Despite being member of the World Trade Organization since 1998, Kyrgyzstan continues to face high costs associated with cross-border trading, according to the UNDP paper.

Some of the costs are associated with the country’s landlocked status. However, these costs are high even compared to other landlocked countries, limiting the country's exports, as reported in The Times of Central Asia.

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