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Apple Orchards Of Dagestan Anticipate Abundant Harvest

19 May 2014

Due to the fertile soil and favorable climate conditions found in the Republic of Dagestan, located in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, growers await a season that they expect will produce a high yield of fruit at low costs.

The republic's development project Effective Agro-Industrial Complex (EAC) holds these regional characteristics in high regard as they had helped produce 120,900 tons of fruit last year, according to the region's Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supplies (Minselkhozprod).

This year 25,600 hectares of land have been cultivated. Of that amount, 20, 600 hectares are fruit-bearing.

In 2013, the establishment of new orchards amounted to 1,337 thousand hectares, 1,26 thousand of which were intensive orchard plantings and 86 thousand hectares were conventional.

This year the region planted 150 hectares of intensive orchard plantings, and it is estimated that another 100 hectares will be planted.

According to the head MUP "Madjalisskoe", an advanced enterprise of the Kaytag district, intensive horticulture is a promising direction for the area because of the minimal labor costs and maximum yield associated with this system of orchard management.

Today's orchards are in good condition, said Abdulhalikov Magomed, a manager at MUP "Madjalisskoe". "This year we expect to harvest 500 tons of apples."

Each year the development program, EAC, gives state support in the form of subsidies to offset the cost of perennial plantings.

This support allows companies like MUP "Madzhalisskoe" to increase its orchards.

"I hope that within a short time we can fully provide for the needs of the Dagestani market for environmentally friendly food products," according to the head of economic long-term planning.

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