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In 2015, the average cost of onions over the course of the 51-week season, which ended December 28, was 24.81 rubles per kilogram, according to Russia's State Statistics Agency (ROSSTAT). However, the average cost for one kilogram of onions was a bit higher -  27.77 rubles -  in 2014; in 2013 the cost average was 21.81 rubles; in 2013 – 16.77 rubles, and in 2011 the average cost was 16.01 rubles.

The planned project will be a wholesale and logistics complex called Maksimikha. VTB bank released information about the project in a press release, in which it also reported the outcome of the previous Town Planning Board meeting of the Moscow region.

At the 2nd World Agroforum in Milan, Italy, during the segment on “Russia's Role in Providing Global Fruit and Vegetable Safety” deputy minister of agriculture Sergey Levin said that the country last year exported $19.2 billion in fruit and vegetable products - a 15 percent on the year increase.

In a press release of the Council of Minister's, as reported by IA REGNUM, the agency said that the priority will be the same: the realization of programs aimed at import substitution up to the year 2020. Deputy Prime Minister, Arkady Dvorkovich, said that the formation of new legal measures and new priorities, which were created by the end of last year, is natural.

This information was released by Deputy Prime Minister Denis Butsayev at the end of the week.

The Chinese-based company Baorong plans to establish direct line for fruit and vegetable shipments to Russia, according to the representative of the Association of Applied Economics of the Heilongjiang Province, Zhang Chuntszyao.

According to information submitted to the Committee for Economic Policy and municipal property of the Vladivostok Duma, Fedeevskaya vegetable wholesale and storage facility has been included in the list for upcoming privatization of municipal property.

Moscow authorities are planning to close vegetable centers on Dmitrovsky Highway, as announced last Thursday during a public meeting between the members of the Northeastern Administration Area by its Prefect Valery Vinogradov.

There is a business plan and suitable land for the construction of a wholesale distribution facility for agricultural products in Anapa, a town in the Krasnodar Region on the coast of the Black Sea.

Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, has ordered the government to develop of logistic centers for the marketing of agricultural products, as reported by the online publication HUBPROM.


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